WHO WE ARE?Electrical Contractor in Calgary

I first became interested in the electrical field in the mid 90’s where I was fascinated with the pure physics of electricity and how it has become an absolutely essential part of our lives. My background was in Sales - Marketing - and Business Management and I needed a change to challenge my brain and so I undertook one of the biggest changes of my life to follow a dream of combining my mechanical aptitude and naturally inquisitive intellect.
Electrical seemed to fit perfectly for me as I could satisfy my thirst for vast amounts of information and apply this knowledge to a 
career that I could problem solve intellectually and then apply that solution with my own hands. I advanced quickly and of the four terms of technical schooling; I finished three of those terms in just over a year and received my
Journeyman ticket – Red Seal Journeyman Certification – and fire alarm ticket.  While I was still employed and running a job for another company, I drove back and forth from Calgary to Red Deer each Saturday for 3 months to complete my Electrical Masters
course and subsequently passed. That was the day that my company was born. I envisioned a company that cared about its customers, where customers became friends. I started out with nothing more than my tools, a truck and no clients or prospects, just a dream of knowing that I could make a difference if I were given a chance to work for people. As I spoke to people in the industries around me they learned that I had started my own company and I quickly received referrals because these people believed in my strong work ethic, quality of workmanship and they knew I was someone that cared about the people I worked for.  I had started my own company and I was making a difference, now eight years later; I can still say that I make a difference to the people I work for.  When people realize that you’re genuinely interested in their needs, they can easily recognize it in the quality of the job and by the people that are working on their site.  I believe in old fashioned values like, when your word meant something and when you put in a good days work.  I can truly say that I carry on those beliefs and have adopted it into my business philosophy. It’s just that simple, really. “In life it’s not what you take out of it; rather, it’s what you actually put back into it that makes a difference. We rarely ever catch a glimpse of how our actions and the simple act of just being oneself and how that in itself can impact and change a life forever. ”

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